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The proof is in the pudding, right? Carrie Odgers (High school Technology Coach) and Nicole Finnegan (Technology Coach) in Summit, NJ talk about increasing teacher efficiency, maintain integrity with high-stakes assessments, providing real-time feedback to students and more!

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Carrie Odgers

Carrie is a technology coach with the Summit Public Schools, in Summit, NJ and a vocal advocate for educators everywhere. With over two decades of experience in the classroom, Carrie is a strong believer in the power of authentic pedagogy and is committed to helping educators leverage technology to improve communication, enhance collaboration, and encourage creativity and innovation.

Highschool Tech Coach

Nicole Finnegan

After four years in the middle school classroom, one year as a drama teacher, and another year in a first grade classroom, Nicole landed a dream job as a middle school technology coach in 2018. Nicole has a passion for exploring new technology, especially digital video, photography, and art. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Manhattan College with a BS in Elementary Education and a concentration in English and special education.

Technology Coach
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Balancing Student and Teacher Needs

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Formative is your mission control

Formative transforms traditional lessons into data-informed, real-time assessments that enable educators to create powerful formative-learning opportunities with their students. In the moment - when it matters most!


Super-charge your existing lessons, content, and teaching tools into data-rich, formative-learning experiences across any grade level or subject matter.


Reimagine assessments. Formative allows you to continuously assess learning gaps and depth of knowledge, providing the data you need to guide classroom instruction.


Never miss a key learning opportunity. Shorten the feedback loop by getting real-time insights into student growth when it matters most - immediately.


Review student and teacher data across your district to inform standards-based instructional decisions, ensuring that academic growth remains the top priority.

Here's what our instructional leaders have to say

District supervisors and directors can access the data to allow for collaboration and reflection with administrators and specialists. Once published, all are updatable at any time, and any changes will update scores and tracking for students.


Compton Unified School District
Darin B.
Formative assessment is the true pulse of rich instruction. This phenomenal platform allows us to provide instant feedback to students while simultaneously adapting to an ever-changing virtual landscape.

School Principal

St. Helena Arts and Tech Academy in LA
Bernard M.
It is probably one of the very best programs I have ever come across in education, and I’ve been here for 31 years...The customer support is outstanding!

Curriculum Specialist

East Lee Middle
Susan D.
Fingers crossed that SCEC admin will buy into the full subscription. What would life be without Formative in the classroom? Thank you for creating such an app. It is a teacher's online dream for assessments!


Maria C.

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Formative meets Level 3 ESSA evidence requirements.

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